Karina Smirnoff Dance Instructor Training Program

(KSDITP) is a program that will allow you to receive certification to become a ballroom instructor.  


After completing all four courses, you will receive a certificate from KSD Studio that you have undergone and passed the exam. 


You will also be offered an opportunity to take an exam for DVIDA Certification where the examiner will come to the studio to test you.  


This will give you an opportunity to apply for a job at any studio of your choice  and charge higher fees for your services.


You will learn:


1. Bronze, Silver and Gold Syllabus steps for  male  and  female. 

2. How to work with the student.

3. How to teach a group.

4. How to sell a package. 

5. What to wear and not to wear while you are teaching/working .

6. Basic dance studio etiquette.

How long is the program?

This program will be offered in 4 courses. Each course will take 3-4 months, depending on how fast the group is progressing. Each course will concentrate on one of the competitive/social structures: American Smooth, American Rhythm, International Standard, International Latin-American, and popular Social Dances. After completing one of the courses, you would be able to teach beginner social students, while finishing up the remaining courses and applying for KSDITP & DVIDA certification. The whole program should take you at the maximum 16 months and at minimum 12 months. This program is dance education. This program is also beneficial to those who would like to become competitors in the ballroom field.

Your Responsibilities

1. To attend every class (if you are unable to attend a class, it is your responsibility to learn the missing material either from another student in class or you can book a private with the teacher, based on his/her availability at an additional cost)
2. It is your responsibility to memorize and practice steps that you have already learned. The exam for certification is not difficult if you have done your homework.
3. You will be given a chart of steps, their names and the proper framing and alignment. It is for your own records and studying. You would need to bring that to every class, make necessary notes and be prepared to show your homework. Homework will be given not in every class, however it is your responsibility to study, memorize and practice the material. I would suggest finding a partner in the class to practice the steps together.
4. Be at the studio at least 10 minutes before the class. Have the proper attire on: dance shoes (if with heels, please wear heel guards) comfortable dance practice clothing.



Option A: You can pay for the whole program upfront
Option B: You can pay prior to each course (4 equal installments)
Option C: You can pay 50% of a course prior to its start, and the remaining 50% at a half
Point of the course.