Life is a dance and dance is life. It is a wedding of movement to the music. An art skillfully created into something beautifully pleasing to the eye. Dance is the most ancient form of communication and throughout history has stirred emotions, inspired nations, ignited imaginations, and captured hearts and souls.


An audience can relate to the dancers as they draw from their own life experiences and pour their souls into each dance. Allowing us to escape our own lives and get lost in the movement of its story. One leap can bring your heart joy, and one caress can make you fall deeply in love as your heart beats with the rhythm.


There are dances that take us to a place we have never been before. A beautiful day quickly turns to night and suddenly we are in the eye of a tornado. Afraid, lost, and crying, but before we know it the sun comes out and we are ever so gently pulled to safety with one arm movement. This array of emotions makes us cheer for more.












Dancers make each movement look effortless but they have cried, bled, broken bones, and sweat many hours to perfect each dance that is too deep for words. Like looking at a master painter we don’t see the first paint strokes, we see the framed masterpiece and gladly look in awe. They paint our dreams and reveal a reality we never knew existed.

A dancer has costumes, makeup, and scenery but most impressive is his/her vocabulary of gestures. Slow body movements can mean seduction and passion, a gentle caress can signify tender feelings, tight fists can mean anger, and jumping or hopping up and down can signify excitement. Each facial expression and each movement are carefully and methodically planned out so the dancers can tell their story without saying a word. Isadora Duncan said it best, “If I could tell you what it meant, there would be no point dancing it.”













No matter what country we live in we all have one common thread and that is dancing. It is an integral part of our lives and it gives us freedom to take great leaps of faith with no boundaries. Each culture has its own unique dance, from swing, to jitterbug, to cha cha, and disco to tap, ballet, flamenco, rumba, ballroom and salsa, and many more.


Dance is a big festival of life’s memories. A little girl will always remember dancing with her dad and a boy always remembers the first dance he had with that special girl. It is the first dance that a newly wed couple does before taking steps in life together. It is a dance a groom dances with his mom before taking a journey with his own family, and it's a dance a bride shares with her father before dancing into the rest of her life with her husband. We all remember Elvis shaking us up, Fred and Ginger twirling into our living rooms, Mikhail Baryshnikov leaping into thin air, Gene Kelly dancing in the rain, Gregory Hines tapping like only he could, and Judy Garland following her heart and the yellow brick road. Through good times and bad times we will always have the dance.

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